Current people in the Lab

  • Ary Sanchez (Undergraduate Student)
  • Breezy Carreno (Undergraduate Student)
  • Claudia Henriquez (Research Associate)
  • Felipe Zapata (Principal Investigator)
  • Ioana Anghel (Graduate Student)
  • Mary Sarkinan (Undergraduate Student)
  • Rudy Diaz (Undergraduate Student)
  • Sarah Jacobs (Postdoc)

Join the Lab

We welcome people from all backgrounds to join our lab. We always have an eye out for highly motivated students and postdocs with broad interests in (plant) evolutionary biology. Graduate students and postdocs can either join and contribute to ongoing lab projects or pursue their own research ideas (provided there is significant overlap with those of the lab); the latter is way more rewarding. Creativity, dedication, curiosity, motivation, collaboration, interest, and perseverance are critical skills we value in all members of the lab.

Prospective undergrad students interested in the lab: please send us an email describing your interests, background and previous experience.

Prospective graduate students interested in the lab: please read this excellent advice on applying to Biology PhD programs. Get in touch early, funding opportunities are extremely limited.

Prospective postdocs interested in the lab: there are multiple funding opportunities: La Kretz Center for Conservation Science-UCLA, Fulbright, Marie Curie, and many more.